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Introduction: Archie Moore

Archie Moore moved to Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and kids in 2010 from the United Kingdom. Archie is currently the Practice Manager for functional testing at Qual IT Auckland. We asked Archie some questions about his experience moving to NZ and working with Qual IT.

Application and Recruitment Process

How did you find out about opportunities at Qual IT?

When we were considering a move to New Zealand we came over on holiday to check it out. I sent my details to Qual IT, who seemed to be one of the few direct employers advertising for testers.

What was it about the role and about Qual IT that attracted you?

I was interested in Qual IT for a few reasons. Firstly, because I had no knowledge of timescales, I felt it was more suitable for me to work for a consultancy where turnaround times of work would be more fluid. Secondly, moving to a new country was a little daunting and working for a consultancy would give me broader understanding and experiences than working within a single organization.

What, ultimately, made you decide to accept Qual IT's offer and make the move to NZ?

Qual IT seemed to me to be both professional and yet informal and friendly - a good fit with me.


We make an effort at Qual IT to support you through the Immigration and moving process. How did you find this?

Absolutely painless…apart from the blood test in the medical for Immigration. Qual IT were extremely proactive in supplying me with all the paperwork that was required to make my Work Visa (and subsequent Residence Visa) application a breeze.

What tips do you have for someone considering making the move?

Get your paperwork in order. There is a large amount of documentation required and careful planning at the early stage will help greatly later on.  Find your education certificates, contact previous companies to get a letter from HR confirming your work there, make sure you have proof of marriage and relationships (apparently 10 yr old children don’t count as proof).

The Immigration folk are very helpful if you talk to them, but the process can seem daunting to start with.

Oh, and no need to bring a corkscrew in your hand luggage – 99% of the wine bottles are screwtops!

First few weeks

How did you find your first few weeks in New Zealand?

Odd - but you get that with moving countries. I had a place to stay for a few weeks but in that time I had to find a house for my family to come to, a car to buy and a new job to start. Within 3 weeks, my family was here, we were in our first rental and I had bought 2 sofa beds from someone I met accidentally at the shops!

NZ Lifestyle

How have you found the "kiwi" lifestyle and the people?

Awesome. Chilled. Friendly. Welcoming.

Can you comment on what NZ has been like as a place to raise your family?

My family settled here very easily. The culture is similar to the UK and so is not difficult to adapt and the kids just love the lifestyle. It is safer for them to be out and about - I wouldn't dream of driving them to school anymore. And the opportunities to do more activities in the great outdoors are great for us all. Oh, and the bbq is used more than it ever was in the UK!

Tell me about any sports, activities etc that you've gotten into since you've been here.

The kids have just completed their second triathlon. I've been mountain biking, kayaking, fishing. We spent a Saturday night free-camping on a deserted beach with friends miles and miles from anyone else. Also body-boarding, surfing, canyoning, tramping.

Finally, are you glad you moved!?

You mean I used to live elsewhere?!?


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