Digital's disruption of non-ICT organisations


By Qual IT | 26 June 2016

It was great to talk to everyone who visited us at our booth at last weeks’ CIO Summit in Auckland. Hopefully you got a chance to have a look at our fresh new stand design and brochure suite, we love them.

Qual IT Stand 

2016 marked the 10th year of the Summit with 550 attendees and speakers from all around the world including Dropbox (Australia) Managing Director Charlie Wood, IDC Senior Vice President of Enterprise Systems Vernon Turner and even the San Francisco Giants CIO Bill Schlough.

Some great New Zealand talent was recognised at the awards with the award for Outstanding Contribution to Technology going to Wayne Norrie and the CIO of the year going to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Winston Fong. We especially would like to congratulate customers of ours, New Zealand Transport Agency on their win of Executive Team of the Year.

This year’s CIO summit provided some great discussions around digital disruption and the implications on New Zealand organisations. CIO for Delegat Group, Wilson Alley, talks about digital disruption as “a once in a decade opportunity to change non-ICT businesses using ICT.” This change can happen by picking the right parts “which are more relevant to your particular business to get traction, gain benefits and establish a platform to further leverage.”

By utilising some of the key digital trends, such as cloud computing, big data or social technology, companies can empower their organisation to perform better and faster than ever before, even changing the face of their company.

Alley’s comments align with the results of a survey we undertook in 2015 of some of New Zealand’s top IT leaders to understand their perception of ‘digital’ and how it affected their organisation.

41% of the sample said the concept of ‘digital’ was fundamentally disruptive for their business while 66% said it was highly relevant to them. There was also a number of digital issues that they found to be relevant to their organisation, with the most relevant of these being cyber-security.

These digital issues can provide opportunities for organisations, as Alley was saying. It comes down ensuring that they are relevant for your business.

Download the “2016 Digital Readiness Report: Buzzword or Benefit?” to learn more about the digital perception, relevant digital issues and recommendations on leveraging these issues for your organisation.

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