Facing digital challenges head on


By Qual IT | 24 May 2016

New Zealand IT leaders are seeing digital as more than just the latest buzzword

CIO 2016

According to the 2016 Digital Readiness Study, leading New Zealand organisations are taking digital seriously and integrating the different aspects into their organisations.

The upcoming CIO Summit, to be held in Auckland from the 8-9 June, features presentations from world leading IT leaders on digital disruption, digital transformation and other digital initiatives.

IT leaders from companies such as IDC, Dropbox, Palo Alto and even the San Francisco Giants Baseball team will be speaking on their experiences and trends they see emerging within the technology space as well as where they see the industry heading in the next 10 years.

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Systems for IDC will be discussing the outcome of 20 years of disruption in ICT and the fate of the CIOs role in 2025.

Qual IT’s Digital Readiness Studydrew data from 46 of New Zealand’s largest organisations across the private and public sectors on their interpretation of digital and what it means for them.

“New Zealand organisations are gearing up and getting on board with the digital concept, integrating digital into their core business and adopting underlying trends,” explains Reg Prasad, Head of Consulting for Qual IT.

“While this is a fundamental shift which ensures our nation is up to play with the rest of the world, a strategic and measured quality approach to implementing digital initiatives needs to be taken, rather than diving in head first,” says Prasad.

Qual IT will be exhibiting at the CIO Summit and are ready to talk to New Zealand organisations about managing and delivering quality in the fact-paced movements of digital challenges through the lifecycle of their products.

Download the Digital Readiness Report here.

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