What's driving cloud adoption?


By Qual IT | 16 July 2017


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As discussed in our recent blog, How tech is transforming today and the future, the concept of cloud computing is currently one of the mega trends driving the technology revolution for businesses. With this in mind, we wanted to look at what is fuelling the cloud adoption process.


The top cloud adoption influencers

According to this study, which interviewed 100 senior IT decision makers from a cross section of industries and businesses, the top 5 influencers are the same for those that have either undertaken, or are considering cloud migration. They are:


- Increasing resiliency or disaster recovery

- Increasing agility

- Stabilising existing platforms/applications

- Reducing IT costs

- Accessing scalable resources to deal with spikes in demand


What we’re using the cloud for

The most popular applications utilising cloud solutions according to IDG are: Email/Messaging; Collaboration and conferencing solutions; Secure file sharing and storage; CRM and salesforce automation; Data storage and management.


Value realisation with the cloud

Gartner suggests that in 2017, “IT organisations must develop or advance their cloud strategies by adopting and maturing the use of cloud services across the enterprise.” Their main planning and design considerations include:


- If you haven’t already, build your cloud strategy now

- Invest in cloud-first strategies, architectures and deployment models — software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS)

- Plan for a multi-vendor, hybrid strategy that includes training, integration and investment and a plan for managing all the integrations, interdependencies and management tasks while brokering cloud services to the business

- Consider public cloud solutions as an alternative for traditional enterprise applications

- Decide on the level of private cloud required according to the most frequently undertaken workloads and where agility is needed most

- Cloud services are evolving rapidly, continually check for application suitability


Cloud challenges being encountered

The challenge for organisations has shifted from the decision to use cloud computing or not, to how best to implement and leverage it effectively while minimising risk. Because, despite its many advantages, cloud computing also has its weaknesses. Some of the risks organisations need to be aware of include:


- Technical issues

- Security issues

- Unforeseen costs due to difficulty in defining specific quantities and costs, software customisation requirements or large outbound data transfers

- Potential inflexibility between other systems or applications

- Unreliable network connections

- Availability of technical support


Are you planning on migrating to the Cloud?

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