Qual IT provides independent IT testing and assurance services to some of New Zealand’s most successful organisations.

We’re ready to talk to you about how effective testing and assurance can provide you with the certainty that your IT projects will deliver successful outcomes.

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Whether you’re buying the latest mobile technology, modernising a creaking legacy platform or just maintaining existing systems, you’ll be thinking about IT change. 

Successful IT projects address testing and assurance right from the start. So when you’re scoping out your new system’s business benefits, you should be thinking about acceptance criteria that make it clear when you have delivered a successful project. 

Qual IT can help set up sound and practical business change governance as well as show you how to develop organisational test policies and enterprise test strategies that fit with the way you deliver your projects and take into account your tolerance for business risk.

If you’re thinking about issuing a Request for Proposal for a new system, read our RFP Assurance service whitepaper, or talk to us about how several New Zealand government departments have already used this service to reduce uncertainty in the procurement process.

Click here to read our RFP Assurance Service Whitepaper

As you kick-off your IT project you’ll be focussed on defining requirements, a delivery plan and setting up your project governance. Alongside that you’ll be looking at assembling a team to deliver it. 

Qual IT can work with you to make sure that you’ve got a test strategy and plan that meets your needs and addresses your risks.  Whether your own in-house test team needs some additional resource or specialist skills, or you need a test partner to own or share responsibility for all your testing outcomes, Qual IT has working examples of different models of delivering testing successfully.

A successful delivery phase incorporates rigorous testing at all stages, and a sound governance and decision making process to deal with the outputs from testing and assurance activities.

Qual IT works with clients to tailor a pragmatic approach that encompasses the most appropriate test and assurance roles, test types and test techniques to ensure your systems function as expected and continue to work seamlessly for end users.  Whether you’re looking for good application functional testers or you’re after more specialist integration testers, infrastructure testers or performance testers give us a call and we can show you the profiles of some of our team.

You may be interested to know how tools and technology can improve your testing.  We’ve got experience with all the major commercial and open source tools and we’re not tied to any vendors, so can provide sound, independent advice.

Application Testing

Qual IT works with clients to tailor a pragmatic approach that encompasses the most appropriate test roles, test types and test techniques to ensure applications function as expected and continue to work seamlessly for end users.

We cover Test Management, Test Analysis and Design, and Test Execution across all test functional and non-functional sub-phases, and we can work with any delivery methodology from traditional waterfall to all flavours of agile, but it’s probably more important to describe ‘what’ we’ve tested.

With the trend towards implementation of commercial off-the-shelf packages, there is a plethora of acronyms to cover the business systems organisations buy.  So whether you’re implementing a CRM, an ERP, an FMIS or have some cool GIS technology in your new mobile app, with over 200 testers we can guarantee that we’ve tested them all. 

We can also guarantee we move with emerging trends. Last year’s buzz-phrase seemed to be “Big Data”, so a special mention needs to go to our Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Test Team.

Many of our clients demand specific experience in the package itself.  While we think that the business domain expertise is more important than the package itself, we’re still able to meet their needs with experience in all the major vendors’ products, including: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards.

For websites we have a service for compliance testing against the W3C standard.  Qual IT's service uses a combination of trained test consultants and our testing tool, which can be modified to operate at level A, AA or AAA compliance, to ensure that your web site complies with a comprehensive set of international standards.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is a specialist area that we have focused on.  We use specific integration and interface testing techniques and approaches to perform testing at relevant service layers.  We work with the middleware teams to test services as they are developed and provide integration and interface testing across testing phases and environments.  

This provides early testing and correctness of the services interface, and regression assets that can be used for environment auditing and smoke testing after releases.  It also provides faster defect analysis in highly integrated or Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, reducing pressure on development teams.

We can perform anything from simple point to point interface testing, or more complex SOA services including schemas, contracts, logic, translation/transformation and data elements for correctness.

Integration testing can act as a facilitator between manual functional testing and development teams due to the specialist technical skill set and background of integration testers.  Integration assets can also be used/reused in tuning and component performance testing activities.  Integration testing can be either manual or automated depending on the appropriateness of automation.  We currently use:

  • Parasoft SOA Test
  • SOAPUI Pro
  • LOADUI Pro
  • HP SOA Test

Performance and Load Testing

We have a dedicated Performance Testing Team at Qual IT which is backed by a depth of experience in testing all types of applications and websites, using all available toolsets. It is critical when undertaking this testing that clear, defined goals or expectations are agreed to meet business requirements. This will help you make the right testing tool selection to achieve the best outcome for your business. We can partner up to guide you through this selection process.

Performance Testing of Applications and Websites

We can provide a complete end to end service. Utilising our experienced consultants, we ensure your application or website is performance tested efficiently and effectively.

Implementation of Performance Testing

Getting a performance testing regime up and running within your own environment can be a huge challenge. We can provide independent advice on the selection of Performance Test tools. Once a tool has been selected, we can implement or assist with the implementation of your testing process.

Performance Testing Training / Support

Qual IT can provide ad-hoc support or mentoring around Performance Testing, in both the theory and practice of performance testing.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Implementing an ongoing performance monitoring solution for your application or website allows you to monitor the end user experience to ensure that performance expectations are consistently being met for your user base.

Infrastructure Testing

Qual IT's Infrastructure testing team can provide you with reassurance that the production environment has been built to specification and meets your business needs as well as giving you confidence that your business applications are still going to be working at deployment time. We can help you build generic test suites that can be reused, and targeted tests tailored to your operational acceptance criteria.

Infrastructure testing covers:

  • Operating System upgrades for server and/or workstation
  • Server migration and virtualisation
  • Data centre migration
  • Firewall upgrades
  • Network
  • Exchange upgrades
  • User provisioning
  • Rules, policies and security (e.g. Group Policy)
  • Disaster Recovery and Failover solutions
  • Configuration, installation requirements and Data migration
  • Standard application changes (e.g. MS Office)
  • Regular patches and security fixes
  • Measuring bandwidth

Test Tools

At Qual IT we take a pragmatic approach to test tools.  We are test tool agnostic, which means whilst we use a variety of toolsets, we do not sell or promote a particular brand of tool licensing.  We look for “best of breed” that fit client requirements.  We have historically found that the process supporting the use of any given toolset has more bearing on its effectiveness than the particular brand or version of the toolset.

We have a repeatable process for assessing and identifying all types of tools (automation, test management, performance, and technical integration).

For example, when we have clients looking at test automation, the first thing we generally look at is the rationale. We have a process that determines whether automation is actually going to provide an adequate solution to the required requirements e.g. will automation provide a positive ROI (return on investment), will it be scalable, increase test coverage, reduce regression overhead.  If the case for automation is proven, then a technical assessment of suitable toolsets is undertaken. This technical process takes into account the technology platform and other technical requirements like usability, robustness, on-going support and suitability and budget.

Our Test Automation Team has extensive experience with assessment, implementation and development of test automation frameworks. Ensuring that not only is the best fit solution provided but an ongoing effective process is also provided. Automation toolset choice is often dictated by the technology and budget available. We have had significant exposure to some of the high-end toolsets like HP Quick Test Pro and Rational Tester (Robot), but also have significant experience with the growing open-source offerings such as Selenium, SOAPUI and Test Complete.

Whilst it’s vital to ensure that there is a sound technical fit, it’s the quality of the on-going process and maintenance that often determines the long term effectiveness of test automation (both as a point solution on agile projects and long term regression testing). We can point to a number of successful client engagements where our implementation of this has provided long term success of test automation, both as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a Test Management toolset.

As you draw closer to your go-live date you’ll be looking for assurance from your project team that you’re ready. We’ve all seen the headlines when a high profile technology project goes bad, and none of us want to make them.

With a strong focus on the objective measurement of business risk, your Qual IT testers will be making sure that you have the right information about system quality, so you understand the impact of any potential issues and can make informed judgement calls that are right for your business.

Many organisations overlook the total cost of ownership of their systems and neglect to address the on-going support and maintenance implications. We work with our clients to help anticipate some of those hidden project lifecycle costs.

With Qual IT as your test partner we’ll make sure there’s a continuous focus on optimising delivery and reducing your testing costs.  We use strategies that address things like regression testing, the effective use of test tools and technology, knowledge sharing and IP retention.  We do this as a matter of course with our longer-term clients, but if you don’t work with us yet, we can come and do a short consulting engagement.

We always work collaboratively with your own staff and are able to bring our world-class test capability development frameworks to ensure you realise the benefits of adopting a testing culture in your organisation.