Integration testing is a specialist area that we have focused on.  We use specific integration and interface testing techniques and approaches to perform testing at relevant service layers.  We work with the middleware teams to test services as they are developed and provide integration and interface testing across testing phases and environments.  

This provides early testing and correctness of the services interface, and regression assets that can be used for environment auditing and smoke testing after releases.  It also provides faster defect analysis in highly integrated or Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, reducing pressure on development teams.

We can perform anything from simple point to point interface testing, or more complex SOA services including schemas, contracts, logic, translation/transformation and data elements for correctness.

Integration testing can act as a facilitator between manual functional testing and development teams due to the specialist technical skill set and background of integration testers.  Integration assets can also be used/reused in tuning and component performance testing activities.  Integration testing can be either manual or automated depending on the appropriateness of automation.  We currently use:

  • Parasoft SOA Test
  • SOAPUI Pro
  • LOADUI Pro
  • HP SOA Test