Government Panels

Qual IT can provide Quality Assurance and Testing services to most Central or Local Government agencies through one of the following panels:


  • All of Government Web Services Panel (WSP)
  • All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel
  • GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel


Why use a panel:


  • Agencies that are part of the New Zealand Public Sector are eligible to participate
  • Offers ease of use, in terms of process and engagement
  • Saves time and money by not having to undergo a primary procurement process through GETS
  • Provides confidence by engaging with a pre-approved partner


All of Government Web Services Panel (WSP)


This is an All-of-Government approved panel for agencies’ website development and enhances and replaces the previous Common Web Services Panel.

Qual IT is an approved supplier for services within the Application Testing category of this panel.

By using the WSP, agencies no longer have to go to tender for Testing services, as you have the choice to utilise our functional and non-functional test consultants to provide confidence in the quality of a Website or Application before it goes live. This way, you’ll have the assurance you need that it functions as expected and will work seamlessly for your end users.

More information on the Web Services Panel is available here

All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel


Qual IT is a panel member in the AoG Consultancy Services solution for Business and Finance – Tranche 1 in the sub category Assurance Tier 3.

Services within this sub category include but are not limited to; Independent Quality Assurance and advice, as well as other quality assurance.  
Our consultants have worked with a range of clients in diverse sectors, across multiple domains and solutions. They are experienced in implementing complex enterprise Quality Assurance strategies, quality process reviews, and in helping our clients to measure the return on investment by providing Independent Quality Assurance.

Our Consultants will;


  • Work throughout the planning stages and at all points during you IT project/s
  • Understand not only the project, but the business factors important to the outcome
  • Provide Quality Assurance reviews throughout the programme of work to ensure key objectives are being met
  • Give clients confidence before going live


More information on the AoG Consultancy Services solution is available here.


GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel


Qual IT is an approved GCIO Sub-Panel provider specialising in the provision of Independent Quality Assurance for participating agencies.

Administered by the Department of Internal Affairs, the GCIO Sub-Panel improves the quality, consistency and independence of assurance services, resulting in greater confidence that ICT-enabled investments will deliver the expected benefits.

Qual IT can deliver the following programme, project and IT technology-based assurance services under the GCIO Sub-Panel:

  • Programme/Project Reviews and Quality Assurance
  • Quality Process Review
  • Quality Assurance Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Independent Advisory
  • Business Assurance/Strategy


More information on the GCIO Assurance Services Sub-Panel is available here.


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