Managed Test Service

Information technology drives the modern enterprise. The pressure to innovate and deliver is relentless, as are the users' demands for quality.


Qual IT's Managed Testing Services enables you to focus on delivering successful outcomes for your organisation, while we take care of quality assurance. It gives you the freedom to focus on getting the most from your IT investment.


Qual IT's Managed Testing Service is designed to mitigate quality risks for your company. This is achieved by engaging us as an independent external party to provide the testing resources required at any stage in the process, while managing the training, development and outcomes the whole way through. It provides your company with enhanced, predictable and cost effective quality outcomes, as well as delivering a programme of testing efficiencies throughout the contract period.


We take responsibility for all the testing and quality outcomes as well as sharing the risk in project delays and issues, ensuring that we work actively with the company's IT delivery function.


As your testing demand fluctuates, Qual IT adjusts our resourcing to match. Only the required resources will be provided and the whole transition will be managed by Qual IT, removing the responsibility and pressure from your company.