Test Partnership

Delivering quality solutions in a fast-paced business environment is a challenge. Immense pressure is being placed on delivery teams to deliver a greater throughput of projects, without ever compromising product quality.


Qual IT's Test Partnership Service enables organisations to focus on growth while we take care of quality assurance through the partnership.


The Test Partnership Service supplements your company's existing test and assurance capabilities with Qual IT's complete range of testing resources. The fluctuations in demand for additional testing resources, or highly specialised testing services are managed externally by Qual IT, with your organisation paying only for the services it uses.


Qual IT's Test Partnership Service provides organisations with the flexibility to undertake larger projects which previously had been considered too difficult from a testing and quality assurance perspective, as well as better management of ongoing maintenance level tasks.


It provides your organisation with the specific testing resources required at any time, and only when they are needed. Once the high demand period has passed, or the need for a specific skill addressed, Qual IT will adjust the resources accordingly to ensure that you only have what you need.


The Test Partnership Service also provides training and development opportunities to the organisations pre-existing testing team. We strive to keep our staff at the top of their game with knowledge and skills as well as keeping them up to date with emerging trends.