The IT sector does hype like no other and there is a continued stream of 'revolutionary' new approaches, 'game changing' technologies and 'transformational' tools.


The rate at which organisations change is greater than ever, and there is more dependency on the growing number of technology platforms to support their business and maintain the brand. Changes such as these are applying immense pressure on the delivery of quality through IT functions.


Qual IT's Consulting services provide independent advice to meet your needs of greater speed, agility and efficiency, while ensuring quality is met throughout the critical planning stages and at all points during an IT project.


Our consultants work to understand not only the project, but the business factors important to the outcome. Throughout the programme and project deliverables we provide Quality Assurance reviews to ensure key objectives are being met without major impact to critical business functions, so clients have the confidence required before going live.


Our consultants have worked with a range of clients in diverse sectors, across multiple domains and solutions, and bring diverse experience in both supplier and customer roles. We have been instrumental in implementing complex enterprise Quality Assurance strategies, quality process reviews, and helping our clients to measure the return on investment by providing independent Quality Assurance.


  • Independent advisory
  • Quality Assurance analysis and benchmarking
  • Specialist test management
  • Programme level Quality Assurance
  • Business assurance/strategy
  • Release and environments management
  • Quality process review
  • Stakeholder/Vendor management
  • Independent Quality Assurance (IQA)
  • Programme/Project reviews


Whether you need expert consultant advice, or to completely outsource your Quality Assurance, Qual IT will tailor a plan to accommodate your strategic goals. We will work with you to deliver a pragmatic approach that encompasses the most appropriate deliverables, using fit for purpose techniques to ensure your business systems function as expected, and continue to work seamlessly for your end users.