When initiating an IT project, the focus will be on defining requirements, a delivery plan and setting up project governance, together with assembling a test team. The right test team will be able to deliver the project in a way that provides confidence in the quality of the software before it goes live, so that the risk of an unsuccessful delivery is reduced and you have the assurance you need that it functions as expected and will work seamlessly for your end users.


Whether your in-house test team needs additional resource, specialist skills, or experience, Qual IT works with clients to tailor a pragmatic testing approach utilising our team of Test Managers, Test Leads and Test Analysts. This approach incorporates best practice test strategy, planning, management, analysis, design, execution and reporting, and ensures the selection of the most appropriate test and assurance roles, test types and test techniques suitable for your project.

Our specialist functional testers can work within all delivery methodologies, such as Waterfall, Agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration and Delivery (CICD), to fulfil your testing requirements. We can also own or share the responsibility for all your testing outcomes through different delivery models developed to suit your needs, including a Managed Test Service or Test Partnership.

Many of our clients want a partner with specific experience in the commercial off-the-shelf package they’re implementing. So, with over 200 testers, whether you’re implementing a CRM, ERP, FMIS or a new mobile app, Qual IT has experience in all the major vendor products and open source tools, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards, to deliver a quality solution. And because we’re not tied to any vendors, we can also provide sound, independent advice.

Furthermore, we’re able to meet the specific demands of a range of specialist areas such as mobility testing, integration testing, data migration and data warehouse testing. We can also oversee user acceptance testing and can provide training and guidance to business users and stakeholders, as well as work with your team to provide best practice Agile coaching to enhance project performance and processes.

With a strong focus on the objective measurement of business risk, our Qual IT testers will make sure that you have the right information about system quality, so you understand the impact of any potential issues and can make informed business decisions.

Whether you're looking for functional testers or you're after more specialist integration, infrastructure, automation or performance testers, our Testing and Engineering teams can work with you to make sure that you've got the right resource and test strategy that meets your needs and addresses your risks.