Intergen provides information technology solutions across New Zealand and the world based exclusively on Microsoft's tools and technologies.


Aura Software

Aura leads the field in end-to-end IT Security Services in New Zealand. Aura are a fast growing, highly skilled and highly motivated team of certified IT Security experts. Aura help secure NZ's leading government agencies (including defence and law inforcement), major high-street banks, large global corporates and New Zealand companies of all sizes.



Neotys has clients in more than 40 countries and provides load testing solutions. Qual IT provides the professional services and training for Neotys clients in New Zealand and Australia.


Rational Software

Rational software helps drive greater value from software investments and deliver innovative products and services. It enables organizations to seize business opportunities, achieve precision in desired business outcomes, and execute with reduced risk and cost.



ANZTB is the regional body representing and supporting software testing professionals in Australia and New Zealand.