Archie Moore

General Manager - Northern Region

After spending many years completing a degree in chemistry, Archie realised that it was much too dangerous to be allowed unaccompanied into a laboratory.  A quick about turn led him to IT and a career in Testing.

Archie spent the next 16 years working for several financial institutions and test tool vendors in the UK, focusing on the implementation of test automation and test management tools.  He has presented to audiences in Dublin, London and Hamilton and was a reference client for HP Software before moving to New Zealand in 2010.

Archie joined Qual IT as a Consultant and has held a variety of roles within the organisation leading up to him taking over as General Manager in April 2016. Archie is responsible for the operational running of the Northern Region including our accounts in Auckland, Hamilton and the upper north island.

He is making the most of his new life in NZ with his family, learning to fish (slowly), kayaking and open water swimming and generally trying to keep up with his children’s active outdoor life.

Archie has not filled a laboratory with poisonous gases since 1992. Allegedly.

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